Friday, August 2nd, 2019

We do note promote report chasing.  Use this intel to make informed decisions for your next trip.  Make reports, don’t chase them.

Bluefish have arrived in cape cod bay to join the mix of predators tearing up the pogy schools across Massachusetts.  The pressure is starting to thin out the schools but there are bass and now tuna getting in on the mix.  Multiple reports and video evidence showing Tuna blowing up schools of pogies from Falmouth, Manomet, up to Brant Rock and Rexhame Beach.  

Market conditions to sell Tuna have been so bad that the buyers put a moratorium on buying fish over the past week.  They just lifted this as of Thursday August 1st but please make sure you contact your buyer before harvesting a fish.  Even with the lift most Tuna fisherman are taking the responsible route and choosing not to fish to save the quota for when market conditions and better quality fish show up.  We strongly encourage you to do the same.

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Sorry for the delay on content lately! Charter fishing is in full force! . This past Saturday we had a 6hr inshore striped bass charter with a great family from Quebec. @mbgbryan and @mbgtaylor decided to fish the pogie schools just outside of the North River and Hummarock Beach. Within the first 5 minutes of fishing, the whole crew got to experience a 400lb bluefin airing out in the pogies 15’ from the transom in 18’ of amazing sight. They witnessed this 4 more times throughout the morning with fish in the 400-600lb class. The charter ended up with a nice bass limit with fish all 33-43” and got to witness something special... . Now the fun part begins...The boys went back out in the afternoon with the 130s rigged and ready. While fishing the same schools they decided to catch a few bass as well...this is what happened 😱. . They were able to battle the fish under gunned on a bass rod for 30 minutes. They were able to cut and transfer the the line to a 130, and eventually the uni to uni knot at the leader parted. The @uglystik rod and @pennfishing Spinfisher VI held up though! . #charterfishing #giantbluefintuna #undergunned #stripedbass #scituate #hummarock #northriver #massbayguides #seabrosfishing #pennfleet #wearefishing . @pennfishing @grundens @ltmarineproducts @yeti @costasunglasses @deep_apparel @seabrosfishing @bigtunaslut @esears1229 @jstockdesigns @fishmonkeygloves

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   1. The Sword has gone off the past few days.  Giants on livies as well as some smaller fish starting to be had on spinning gear.

   2. Middle bank on Stellwagen over the past week has been the most productive area. 

   3. Halfbeaks are starting to show up east of the golfball out to the lanes with some small fish starting to show.  Nothing to write home about yet.

   4. The Canyons specifically Veatch, Hydrographer, and Oceanographer continue to be hot on Yellowfin and Bigeyes. 



Striped Bass Large bass have been caught in good numbers this week snagging and dropping pogies.  Have to find the right schools but the fish are there and moving north.

   1.  Some real nice fish taken this week off rexhame and up to scituate up to 40lbs on pogies

   2. Commercial fleet got into nice push of keeper bass off Monomoy.  Incoming tides pushing bait and cooler water up into the rips has been productive.

   3. Productive eel bite has materialized off billingsgate and the fingers at night. 

   3. Similarly the Elizabeth Islands have been giving up quality keeper bass on eels at night with fish up to 45lbs.



  1. Bluefish have invade the bay.  West side of the bay boats are trolling deep diving plugs and scoring large blues.  High pines ledge and Farnham buoy been producing past few days.
  2. Small blues are all over race point down to peaked hill as schools are busting up sand eels during the peak tide.  There are some larger fish in the mix but most of them are perfect tuna bait size.



  1. Flounder are still being caught in Boston Harbor.  Rainforest island producing this week.
  2. Legal sized fluke taken off Lucas Shoals this week.
  3. The east shoals of Nantucket is a world class Fluke fishery right now 


1. Majority of the Pogy schools have moved north and are between Marshfield and north shore.  Boston Harbor is loaded right now with plenty of bass in tow.

2. Mackerel can still be had off Brant rock up to Scituate 21 can and SA buoy. Earlier the better.  Will continue to thin out with arrival of blues.



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