Double lls

Stellwagen Double LL's

Spot Description:

Double LL's is a middle bank location on the high grounds on the western edge of the bank.  This area is good for springtime haddock and cod and is frequented for Giants Bluefin late summer to Fall.  Good gravel bottom in this area of the bank.  When the conditions are right and the groundfish are feeding in the area in the spring, this location can be very productive.

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Stellwagen The Mussels

Spot Description:

The Mussels sits on the north edge of the Northwest Corner on Stellwagen Bank.  The biomass of cod and haddock move inshore to these waters in the spring to feed and spawn. The structure in the area is the northern edge of the bank as it goes 100ft on top to close to 200ft in about 1/2 mile.  There is good shell bottom in this are which attracts haddock in the springtime.  The area is about 1 mile to the north east from the shoal ...

Stellwagen shoalwater

Stellwagen Shoalwater

Spot Description:

The shoalwaters ENE of the south west corner represents the highpoint on Stellwagen Bank.  The biomass of cod and haddock move inshore to these waters in the spring to feed and spawn.  The fish will follow shoals of bait in the area during the spring season and will be on the move.  There is no particular structure in the area outside of the large schools of bait mostly herring and mackerel.  Bottom sounders are the name of the game as...

Content crab ledge

Crab Ledge


Crab Ledge is a large rocky ledge that runs 3 miles long in a northwest to southeast orientation.  The bottom contour along this edge on average shoals up to around 80 feet on the western edge and will drop down to 130 on the eastern.  The area holds a lot of bait and is the closest of the locations east of chatham to hold bluefin tuna.  Sitting just 5 miles east of the chatham inlet or the north cut this loca...

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Race Point

Structure: Steep contour a short distance off the beach makes Race Point a legendary location for boats and surfcasters. The edge drops off to 150' less then a quater mile from shore and is a very popular location for both commercial/charter boats and the recreational fleet.  The Race will contain large volumes of striped bass during the spring migration from early June through mid July.  Directly off Race Point lighthouse the c...

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Westport River

Location: 1 Bridge Road, Westport, MA 02790

Description: Launch provides great access to places like Cuttyhunk and the Elizabeth Islands, as well as Rhode Island and offshore waters due south of Westport. The concrete, double-wide boat ramp is in great condition, and there is ample, affordable parking for both vehicles and trailers. Boat launch with parking areas at the Back Eddy Restaurant, 1 Bridge Road, Westport. Launch area is on the right, just before...

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Taylor’s Point Marina

Location: 1 Academy Dr, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532

Description: This facility operated by the town of Bourne is located at Taylor Point Marina just off Mass Maratime's Acedemy drive.   The site features a double ramp with dual floating docks making this an easy access location to buzzards bay and beyond.  A very large lot can accomodate 60 trailers.  This location can get very busy during the summer months.


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Falmouth Harbor

Location: 98 Scranton Ave, Falmouth, MA 02540

Description: Falmouth Harbor provides a paved single wide ramp with floats on both sides for easy loading. The ramp is deep and accesible on all tides. There is no fee to use the ramp which can hold 30 trailers, so it does fill up quickly during peak season. Falmouth's location provides easy access to Vineyard Sound, both Islands, as well as the water south of the vineyard and Canyons for larger boats.


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Bass River

Location: 220 South St, South Yarmouth, MA 02664

Description: The Bass River beach boat ramp located in Yarmouth is a large 2 lane ramp with a large parking lot that can accomodate 68 trailers.  The ramp is located only a few hundred yards inisde the mouth of Bass River given you a launchpoint with quick access to Nantucket Sound, Monomoy and the waters east of Chatham.   With an average depth of 10ft at mean low water the ramp is accessible...

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Ryders Cove

Location: Ryder's Cove Rd, North Chatham, MA 02650

Description: Located at the end of Ryders Cove Road, this Chatham single paved ramp is one closest launch points to access the waters east of Chatham making this a heavily used spot commercial bass season and when there is hot Chatham tuna bite.  The ramp will give you access to Pleasant bay and you will be requierd to run 2-3 miles in narrow channels with strong tides and exit through one of hte ...