Stellwagen The Mussels

Spot Description:

The Mussels sits on the north edge of the Northwest Corner on Stellwagen Bank.  The biomass of cod and haddock move inshore to these waters in the spring to feed and spawn. The structure in the area is the northern edge of the bank as it goes 100ft on top to close to 200ft in about 1/2 mile.  There is good shell bottom in this are which attracts haddock in the springtime.  The area is about 1 mile to the north east from the shoal waters on top of the north east corner.  Similar to the rest of teh groundfishing on the bank the fish are typically up into the shallow waters on top of the bank in April, May and early June before going out deep when the water temps rise during the summer.  The NWC is a easy access location to almost all ports in Massachusetts bay from Gloucester to Plymouth.

Structure: Northern edge of the NWC of Stellwagen

Coordinates: 42°25.493’ N  x 70°27.035’ W

Target Species: Haddock & Cod (Not currently allowed in Gulf of Maine)

Time of Year:  Spring - April, May, Early June

Best Tide: Non moon tides easier to target ground fish


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