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Community built by fisherman to maximize your time on the water.

Get real intel before leaving the dock

Network Features


Connect with the currents community to share catch intel, action, and techniques

Weekly Intel

Summarized community intel with periodic updates on what is going on out on the water

Catch Activity Heatmaps

Real time heatmap of locations that are fishing well based off community catch reports

Catch Logging Tools

Use catch logging tools to log your trip data. Your reports are private! General catch information feed into activity heatmap for benefit of community


Blog posts on recent tackle, product reviews, and breaking news


Detailed information on some of the best fishing spots and locations. Detailed information on how to fish each spot.

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Latest Intel

Check latest Intel

Activity Heapmap

Tap into the Currents Network

Heatmap highlights recent activity

The Currents Heatmap highlights general locations that are showing increased catch rates over the past 7 days. Based off catch data from our network the map will highlight activity in real time

Another set of eyes

Where fish are today will not be tomorrow. Utlize the intel of of network to make decisions on where the action is heading. Maximize your time on the water by avoiding inactive areas already scouted.

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Catch Logging Tools

Log your catches

Utilize the catch logging tool to track all your trip data, conditions, baits, and locations. All your catch information is private and can be access to analyze past trips to plan for your next trip

Historical Data

Easily load your old catch data into a private database and analyze past trends. Looking too see what tide worked best at a location during spring, what moon phase you caught that trophy on, analyze past data with ease

Log a Report

Log and Analyze catch data

Recent Blog Posts

About Us

Who we are

Currents is a network of like minded hardcore saltwater fisherman

We contribute intel to the network so that the group can benefit from real time intel from on the water. All info good or bad can benefit others and the goal is to share it so the next person leaving the dock can possibly avoid that dead water I just spent hours searching through.

We all know that fish have tails and where they are today they certainly will be somewhere else tommorow. Tap into the network to gather intel and make informed decisions on where to go your next trip. The goal of currents is to help facilitate access to a network of likeminded fisherman outside your immediate group of friends or your home part. There is a lot of water to cover and intel is invaluable.

This is not for report chasers or people looking for some secret numbers, you have to put in the time for that. Private report information is not shared with the network just general locations to assist in movements of inshore and pelagic species.

The concept of Currents came to me in 2016 after realizing in todays day and age of social media, apps, and networking tools for just about everything, the sportfishing community is still stuck in old school tradition, misdirection, and lack of trust amongst fisherman. After spending a few years designing working on developement its finaly ready to make an impact to this community

I have grown up fishing the water of Cape Cod both recreationally and commercially. I was raised on charter boats and started before I was even old enough to work. That matured into commercial fishing stripers, tuna and groundfish. Today I run my own boat mainly chasing bluefin around the gulf of Maine.

I am also willing to share intel when out on the water or share the latest intel that we have received via the network. Please reach out to me via the contacts below with any questions or if you want to connect while on the water. - AJ (Founder Currents Fishing)