US Bluefin Fishery closed until December 1st

Please note the following updates from NMFS

The General category is closed and will re-open on December 1, 2019. 

As of October 21, 2019, preliminary commercial landings for the 2019 fishing year are as follows:

The General category has landed 178.1 mt of the 172.2 mt October adjusted subquota; 225.8 mt of the 207.3 mt September adjusted subquota, 277.1 mt of the 277.9 mt June-August adjusted subquota, and 108.9 mt of the 100 mt January-March adjusted subquota; the Harpoon category has landed 102.4 mt of the adjusted 91.0 mt quota, and the Longline category has landed 77.7 mt. Landing updates will be made as necessary.



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