Weds, August 25th 2020

As we make calls todays with a NW blow occuring its starting to feel alot like fall.  Temps are starting to drops and the sun is not rising unti after 6am.  The good news for this crowd is that the fishing is starting to off everywhere you look.



  • There are alot of giants on the bank right now.  Both Monday and Tuesday there were surface feeding fish just southeast of middle bank around 42 18.498N and 70 16.068W.  Fish were up in the morning and seemed to be mostly large with a few rec sized mixed in for fun.  Confirmed 96" and 100" pulled out of the area and know of a few boats who released.  Live macks were doing the job.
  • The sword continues to hold fish through tuesday of this week.  There are alot of rec sized fish in the area with boats getting multiple hookups on live bait.  The bite is down deep.
  • Cape cod bay has been quiet 
  • Jeffereies and the Northwest corner of Stellwagen were hot last week around 8/20 and 8/21 but has cooled off in recent days.


  • Fall Run has started and school bass are in large number on both the North and South Shore.
  • Peanut bunker is starting to flood out of the rivers and bass are feeding on the small bait.  Surface feeds are becoming steady in the morning off scituate, north river, green harbor and along outise of duxbury beach and the three bays.
  • Large fish continue to be hard to find sharps are catching off the 4th cliff area on eels but not in numbers.



  • Not any sign of bluefish to report for this time of year.  
  • Some activity off high pines on Monday of this week but not hot and heavy.



  • Groundfishing continues to be top rate on Stellwage.  The rockpile, the barge, the wreck all the typical spots east of middlebank are producing a good range of species in the 200 - 220ft range.  Haddock bite continues to be strong with boats easitly catching there 15 fish limit.  Boats are seeing alot of cod, wolfish and cusk mixed in.
  • The deep water east of scituate is still giving up a pick of keeper haddock if you dont want to run to the east side of the bank.



  • Mackeral have really thinned out after the Northeast blow last weekend.
  • Pogies are still hard to find after the blow.  Boats are finding them in the early morning in channels.
  • Mackerel are stacked up on Stellwagen all along the southern portions of the bank. 
  • Plenty of Herring still moving through the bank on the bottom.

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