Thursday, July 8th 2021

The inshore scene really picked up this week after the North East blow messed up everyones holiday. The blow had bait push in tight to shore and the Hummarock and Scituate inshore ledges went off. Large schools of bass and blues were hitting almost anything in the water as was very low visibility and clarity. Live macks seems to work best. Tuna Biggest


  • Tuna news has been down south off the Claw down to Coxes. Large numbers of 35-50" fish being trolled up on bars and boats are having double digit days.
  • Stellwagen is still slow with some rec size fish in the mid 60" range being caught on middlebank
  • Chatham is producing large rec to small giants in the 70" range


  • Race point and Peaked hill produced good number of slot sized fish this week. South shore ledges are also producing large fish on live and trolled mackerel. Sharps are producing 40lb fish on eels at night off shore.
  • Canal was dead the past few days.  Fish moved out to east to Sandy Neck and Barnstable.  Most in the area are using pogies succesfully.


  • Larger bluefish moved in this week with reports from the Canal up to Boston harbor. Seems to be mixed in with the bass schools chasing inshore bait.


  • Groundfishing is going strong east of middle bank barge, rock pile in the 225-250 range.
  • Boats are easliy gets their 15 fish limit. North Jefferies and Tillies is still holding good number of fish and worth the run.


  • Bait Mackeral are spotty but are there in the early morning.
  • Finding them in the deeper water make your way to the next eastern ledge until you run into them.
  • Pogies schools are all over the south and north shore currently. Bass are really gorging on them and making them finicky. Confirmed reports of Tuna crashing the inshore schools.
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