Crab Ledge


Crab Ledge is a large rocky ledge that runs 3 miles long in a northwest to southeast orientation.  The bottom contour along this edge on average shoals up to around 80 feet on the western edge and will drop down to 130 on the eastern.  The area holds a lot of bait and is the closest of the locations east of chatham to hold bluefin tuna.  Sitting just 5 miles east of the chatham inlet or the north cut this location is typically the first place boats hit in search for tuna out east. 

BaitLarge concentration of herring and mackerel throughout the summer.  Cooler water temperatures east of chatham hold the bait in the area.

TideSlack for tuna

Primary Target Species: Bluefin Tuna, Cod 

Methods: Trolling splash bars, live bait mackerel and herring, surface stick baits, vertical jigging


41° 42.500’ N  69° 48.500’ W  Northwest Corner

41° 42.030’N  69° 45.900 W    Northeast Corner

41° 38.123’N  69° 45.634 W    Southeast Corner

41° 36.924’N  69° 47.684 W   Southwest Corner

Access Point: Ryder's Cove boat launch

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