Friday, August 7th 2020


  • Stellwagen bite was good before the storm came through tuesday night.  Southwest corner had tuesday morning activity with network member connecting on a 96incher.
  • The blow seemed to push the fish to the northwest as Middlebank and the North west corner had the action by wednesday and thursday.  Commercial fleet had multiple hookups on middlebank thursday.
  • The sword has been holding fish and that continued through Thursday.  Also alot of signs of life at southern crab jut not as many boats fishing the area and running to the sword.  An area to check out over the weekend.


  • Bass fishing is holding up even with the heat. 
  • Push of large fish came thorugh the canal early to mid last week.  Those fish moved there way north with a couple nice catches in the inshore ledges this past week.  Unconfirmmed report of a 50# mouth of the North River and a #40 off Scituate last Friday.
  • Not alot of activity under the pogies schools yet but should change this week with the amount of bait around.

  • Bluefish

  • Bluefish off wood end down to bath house this week.

  • Haddock

  • Groundfish bottom east of middlebank is still fishing good in teh 200-240 ft line.
  • Stone ledge east of scituate you can still have a slow pick of haddock out in the deep water.


  • Still a slow pick occuring off Plymouth and Scituate.  need to head to the deep ledges 2-3 miles out.
  • The blow on tuesday seems to have dispearsed the Pogies they are now spreadouot of hannging on the bottom through thursday at least.  Will probably get back to normmal by this weekend.
  • Mackerel are stacked up on Stellwagen all along the southern portions of the bank.  Very aggresive schools right at the surface.
  • Plenty of Herring still moving through the bank on the bottom.

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