Friday, August 9th, 2019

We do note promote report chasing.  Use this intel to make informed decisions for your next trip.  Make reports, don’t chase them.

The US bluefin fishery is being closed for the July/August subquota today August 9th at 11:30pm.  The fishery will reopen for the September subquota on September 1st.  The market conditions continue to be very difficult unless you have a top quality fish.  Because of this the intel on teh Giant front has been hard to come by as not alot of boats are fishing.  There is a serious recreational bite for medium sized Tuna happening off the Sword and north to the lanes.



   1. The Sword continues to produce medium sized bluefin.  Fish have pushed North and are being taken in the lanes off the BC.

   2. More and more bait starting to show up off the golfball.  Not much of a surface bite yet but a few boats have hooked up jigging off the botom.


Striped Bass Water temps in the bay cooled down this week with the weather in the 70/80s and the bass fishing has picked up.

   1.  Scorton creek is producing on the tube and worm.

   2. Monomoy continues to hold large fish.  Squid have moved offshore but the fish are still feeding on sandeels

   3. Large bass being pickup off the pogy schools off scituate.  Sharps are doing well out on Stone ledge deep dropping live macks.



  1. Bluefish are everywhere in the bay.  West side of the bay boats are trolling deep diving plugs and scoring large blues.  High pines ledge and Farnham buoy been producing past few days.
  2. Small blues are all over race point down to peaked hill as schools are busting up sand eels during the peak tide.  




  1. Haddock fishing is still lights out in the deep water on the east side of the bank.  Boats are getting them in >280ft of water.


1. Majority of the Pogy schools have moved north and are between Marshfield and north shore.  Boston Harbor is loaded right now with plenty of bass in tow.

2. Mackerel can still be had off Brant rock up to Scituate 21 can and SA buoy. Earlier the better.  Will continue to thin out with arrival of blues.



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