Friday, July 12th 2019

We do note promote report chasing.  Use this intel as a basis to make decisions for your next trip.  Make your own reports and let us know how you did.

Pogies have invaded Cape Cod bay from Plymouth into Boston Harbor to the North Shore.  Schools are so thick between Plymouth and Scituate looks like you could walk on them.  Strangley the bass are not here in the same numbers to feed.  This week has been better and a few fish up to 50" have been taken underneath snag and dropping but you have to put in the time and effort to find the right school with fish on them.  Its not a numberes game. 

As for Tuna the market conditions are so tough that alot of boat fishing north of the cape are staying at the dock.  Fish are starting to arrive and there are a good number of small fish up on top of the bank to the golf ball.  Bars have done the trick.

bunker schools massachusetts

Tuna   Bank is warming up middle bank and southwest corner given up fish past two days.  Also the light tackle crowd is patrolling the golfball out to the lanes.  Not alot of hookups but the fish are starting to be seen. 

   1. Crab ledge is starting to pick up with confirmed catches on live bait and trolling bars. 

   2. Some fish off the Horns on wednesday.  The Dump has been hit or miss and no signs of Mahi yet.

   3. The Canyons are lite up especially Hydrographers on Yellowfin and Bigeyes.  


Striped Bass Still alot of small fish around the commercial fleet has been having a tought time finding keepers.  Billingsgate was hammered this week with not lot to show for it with fish in the 30" range.

   1.  Volume of fish has made it to the Race finaly.  Mix of vertical jigging (sand eels are starting to get thick) and live macks are tricking the fish when interested.

   2. Boston Harbor is giving up the best quality fish this week on boats fishing the pogy schools snaagging and dropping.

   3. Billingsgate has been finicky boats are doing best trolling hoochies because of the squid in the area.

   4. Monomoy Rips were on fire this week with fish up to 38-40".  Bass are keyed in on squid.



   1. There is squid across cape cod bay

   2. Pogies are everywhere inshore with life not to far behind.  Minke Whales, Juvenille Makos, and small Tuna were in the mix inshore this week feeding on the schools.

   3. Mackerel are still here in numbers but a lot of the small spikes. 

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