Friday, July 19th, 2019

We do note promote report chasing.  Use this intel as a basis to make decisions for your next trip.  Make your own reports and let us know how you did.

If it was easy to figure out it wouldnt be called fishing....this year continues to be a weird one in and around Cape Cod and Mass Bay.  The Tuna have arrived in force this week in the small giant range.  The good news is that a number of fish have been caught around the 78-90" range 250 - 350lbs.  SWC of Stellwagen has been the hotspot but there is a number of schools of fish that are in the bay chasing pogie schools.  Multiple videos have confirmed small Tuna up in shallow water off Duxbury, Marshfield and off Falmouth.  Intel has been slow however as a number of commercial boats are not fishing due to the low market price.  

On the Bass front if your searching for larger keeper sized fish your going to be looking for a while.  Lack of big fish around is concering even though we are in the heart of the summer doldrums.  A handfull of 40-50" fish have been taken this week off pogie schools between teh canal and the north river but those fish are few and far between.  The commercial quota for Bass as of today sits at 14% a month into the season.

small boat tuna cape cod 



   1. Peaked hill down to the golf ball is starting to show activity on smaller fish.  2 confired hookups this week and signs of life for boats fishing teh backside.  This area should go off soon.
   2. Little to no life still south of the vineyard , season has been disappointing 
   3. The Canyons continue to be hot on Yellowfin and Bigeyes.  Hydrographers the most heavily trafficed.
   4. Southwest corner of stellwagen is holding a ton of bait and there is fish in the area down deep being caught on live bait.
   5. Fish have push north to Jefferies which confirmed 3 catches this week.

Striped Bass Still alot of small fish around the commercial fleet is striking out.  

   1.  Mix of larger fish moved into Race point last Sunday and Monday but those fish seemed to have moved on.  Ronz and surface plugs were doing the trick.

   2. Billingsgate is still holding the most volume of fish plenty of life in the area and alot of shorts.  The bigger fish that are around are not feeding.

   3. There have been fish from the Canal north to Plymouth in the rocks chasing pogies and some of them are big up to 40lbs.



1. There is bait everyone in cape cod bay right now Pogies are tick from the Canal all the way to New Hampshire

2. Mackeral are still around but thinning out and small.  Stellwagen, off race point and down to the golfball is still loaded with Macks as the water is a tad cooler.

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