Friday, July 5th, 2019

We do note promote report chasing.  Use this intel as a basis to make decisions for your next trip.  Make your own reports and let us know how you did.

Hope everyone is hydrated after last nights 4th of July festivities as it was a beutiful night to be on the water.  Seems like the local area got off clean without any fireworks barges blowing up this year.   Seems as if the fish were also on vacation this week as the fishing inshore and offhore continue to be slow.

Its not an absence of bait which can be found anywhere across cape cod bay.  The pogie schools of last year arrived this week in numbers from Manomet north to Scituate with heavy concentrations between The Gurnet in Plymouth to Rexhame Beach off Marshfield.  There are far and few fish underneath them which is the problem but there is a confirmed 50" fish caught snag and dropping from a member.

targeting tuna on light tackle spinning gear

Tuna   still slow with the most action taking place off the northwest corner of stellwagen.   

   1. Crab ledge is starting to pick up with confirmed catches on live bait and trolling bars. 

   2. South side of the vineyard still hasnt materialized with a number of boats fishing the dump tuesday and wednesday with nothing to show for it.

   3. Some signs of smaller fish showing up off peaked hill out to the lanes off the golfball.  Alot of boats have been searching with few hooking up.  A bar took a legal sized fish on peaked hill this week.


Striped Bass Alot of small to medium sized fish in the bay.

   1.  The most consistent bite continues to be billingsgate with fish into the mid to high 30" range.

   2. West end of the canal conitues to give up quality fish if not spectacular.  

   3. Race point down to the backside was dead this week and when the action was there it was 28" fish. 

   4. Plenty of bait off peaked hill with little to no life with it.

Fish continue to be finicky and and are not keying in on Mack’s as much as years past.

Artificial continue to fish very well vs live bait. 




   1. There is still squid in the bay off the gurnet but more on the east side of CCB.  

   2. Pogies have invaded the south shore and can be found from Plymouth to Scituate

   3. Mackerel are still here in numbers but a lot of the small spikes. 

Please contact us with any intel good or bad to share with the network.

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