Friday, July 24 2020

Summer is in full swing as we are a week plus into a heatwave and looking at 90 degree temps for the next few days.  Caught up with the network over past few days.


  • A number of big fish right now deep into Cape Cod bay feeding on the Pogie schools.  Barnstable to Falmouth have been producing good.  Schools of pogies are around the fingers and large fish are being pickup right up off them.  Stick boats are also targeting the area and producing.
  • Crab ledge blew up over the weekend with a number of large >90" fish taken on live bait.  Was a mix of fish with both GIants and rec fish as a number of run and gun hookups also in the area.
  • Stellwagen has been quite a few fish hooked up on SWC and middlebank.  Middlebank has slowed down over the past week.
  • Rec fish starting to show off the east side of stellwagen and the lanes south to Crab ledge.  Guys are putting in the miles with not alot to show for yet.  Best luck has come way east.



  • Water temps starting to hit uppper 68-70 degrees off stellwagen and action is picking up.  Loads of blue sharks now in the area and boats are pickup up threshers occasiionally which bottom fishing.


  • Bass fishing is holding up even with the heat. 
  • Push of large fish came thorugh the canal early to mid last week.  Those fish moved there way north with a couple nice catches in the inshore ledges this past week.  Unconfirmmed report of a 50# mouth of the North River and a #40 off Scituate last Friday.
  • Not alot of activity under the pogies schools yet but should change this week with the amount of bait around.


  • Showed up in cape cod bay this week.  Alos of surface finning activity seen.


  • Groundfish bottom east of middlebank is holding a good number of haddock.  Havnt made there way into deep water yet and fishing good in the 210-240 foot areas.
  • Quitely a small fleet has been very succesfull in the shell bottom east of cohasett in cape cod bay.  



  • Mackeral are very scare in the inside ledges in cape cod bay right now.  Small bit still occuring off Plymouth and Scituate.  Better luck in the middle of the bay on surface schools.
  • Pogies have infiltrated Cape Cod bad and are everywhere.  North of Barnstable, Wellfleet Harbor, east end of the Canal, Plymouth bay outside the beach is loaded, Duxbury beach shore side, hummarock and mouth of the north river are thick right now.
  • On the bank herring are in and thick on the bottom.  Good number of bruiser Mack in the area.  East side of the bank is loaded with mackeral down to peaked hill.





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