Thursday, August 13 2020


  •  The Sword continues to produce large bluefin.  Boats are catching on live bait.
  •  Southern Crab ledge is giving up rec sized fish on live bait.  No surface feeds but fishing are feeding down deep.
  • SW Corner of stellwagen has slowed after the storm.
  • NW Corner os stellwagen and Jefferies seeing the most life with multiple hookups on weds/thurs.   
  • Striped Bass Water temps in the bay cooled down this week after the tropical storm moved thrdough and mixed up the surface water..

  • Scorton creek is producing on the tube and worm.
  • Monomoy continues produce slot flish ish are still feeding on sandeels
  • Large bass being pickup off the pogy schools off scituate.  


  • High pines ledge and Farnham buoy been producing past few days.
  • Small blues are in numbers off  race point down to peaked hill.


  • Haddock fishing is still lights out in the shallow water on the east side of the bank.  Haddock grounds around the barge are producing well  42 21.741N 70 11.518W
  • Bait

  • Majority of the Pogy schools have moved north and are between Marshfield and north shore. 
  • Mackerel can still be had off Brant rock up to Scituate 21 can and SA buoy. Earlier the better.  Will continue to thin out as blues show up.
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