Thursday, July 16 2020


  • The buyers opened up on wednesday to a very limited number of boats.  Make sure to 
  • The sword has been on fire with all big fish being taken and on bait.  Crab ledge also producing.
  • More fish being caught on Middlebank then the other heavily fished areas.
  • Peaked hill has slowed down not alot of acitivity there this week.
  • Rec fishing is still quite boats are roaming but not finding alot of smaller fish to tackle.

  • Bass

  • Plymouth is loaded with shorts behind long beach.  With the number of pogies in the around there should be big fish shortly.
  • The bay has been picking up with larger fish with Scorton, the Fingers, and Billingsgate fishing well of the past few days.
  • Confirmed 50# pulled out of the rocks along Manomet on eels.
  • Race point continues to hold small fish with blues starting to mix in.

  • Bait

  • Mackerel are still holding up off Scituate
  • Pogies are everywhere
  • Plenty of Herring hugging the bottom on Stellwagen.
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