Thursday, July 2 2020


  • North River has been lights out with schoolies on bait especially on the outgoing.  Some quit larger fish this week on fourths cliff.
  • Race point is still quit but there are small fish to be had.
  • The fingers has produced some nice keepers this week as larger fish have moved into the area from the canal.

  • Tuna

  • Action is picking up on Stellwagen daily with Middlebank producing the best so far. 
  • The Regal Sword had good week with giants not alot of rec fish to be had yet.  Boats are reporting to bring the large gear.

  • Haddock

  • The bite continues to be consistently good on the groundfishing grounds.  Fish are held up in the shallow water and not yet heading to their summer haunts out east.

  • Bait

  • Macks are starting to thin out on the inshore ledges.  Still can be had outside Scituate and Plymouth at first light.
  • Pogies are starting to show up in numbers with large shool sightings off Plymouth, Cohasett, Boston Harbor, Race Point down to Wood end.

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