Thursday, July 9 2020


  • Crab ledge is heating up with 3 confirmed hookkups this week all giants.  Macks have been producing the best.
  • Peaked hill picked up over past three days.  Confirmed network reports of a hook up on a bar on the troll, and pogie on a kite for fish around the 73-80 mark.  There is a ton of bait in the area.
  • Southwest corner is being fished hard but had been slow.
  • Middle bank had a hookup this week on herring.
  • Buyers are contemplating lifting the moratorium on July 15th so commercial pressure should pickup.

  • Bass

  • Billingsgate is still holding the large volume of fish and boats fishing macks if they can get them are doing well with the larger fish and slot keepers.
  • The fingers are giving up nice fish early and late for eel slingers.
  • Race point is still loaded with small fish have to fight through 25 to get to a keeper.
  • Backside down to peaked hill has been very quiet this year.
  • The North River has been steady for school size stripers with larger fish being caught at the mouth of the river.
  • Offshore ledges off sciuate and green harbor are giving up few but larger fish.
  • Big stripers are being found beneath some of the pogies schools on the south shore but need to hit the right school. 

  • Groundfish

  • Flounder fishing is still productive inside Scituate and Green Harbor
  • Haddock continues to be productive in the same area east of middlebank.



  • Mackeral are still around the south coast but you have to head to the offshore ledges no longer in close in shallow water.
  • Pogies have invaded cape cod bay and can be found from Wellfleet harbor all the way to the North shore.
  • Squid are starting to show up on Stellwagen watch out for your hookbaits.
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