Thursday, June 25 2020


  • Cape cod bay reall picked up this week with a blast of fishing coming through the canal and making there way north.  Bigger fish are being caught inside in the rocks and ledges of the shout shore including a 50-pounder that was caught and released this week.
  • Boston Harbor has been lights out with surface feeds with fish up to 40" on mackeral.
  • Brewster flats to Billingsgate still holding a ton of schoolies but not alot of size.


  • Network reports of tuna busting up pogie schools off Rexhame and Scituate this week.
  • Boats are starting to fill out the south west corner with a number of nice fish caught this week and released.  Herring are starting to show up and the Tuna will be on their heels.  Southern edge of the corner has been producing.  Middlebank quietly has had a few nice catches also.
  • The claw and dump areas south of the vineyard had a big push or small bluefin.
  • Haddock

  • Middlebank near the weather buoy is fishing real good in 210 feet of water.  
  • Sharps are getting keeper haddock still off scituate in the shell bottom.
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