Green Harbor

Location: Joseph Driebeck Way, Marshfield, MA 02050

Description: Green Harbor located in Marshfield, MA with close proximity to cape cod bay making it a strategic location to target tuna on Stellwagen Bank or bass down in Plymouth or Provincetown.  The large facility is open 24hrs, but does get busy on weekends and fills up fast.  The ramp is accessible on all tides but does average around 3-5 feet at low water launching and getting out of the inlet.  A double ramp with plenty of floats that allow easy access to tie up for both launching and retrieving.

Fees: $7 daily fee  (in state) / $21 daily fee (out of state)

Aerial Approach Video:


Access To: Stellwagen SW Corner (16nm), Peaked Hill (25nm), Race Point (20nm)

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